Energy Risk VuePoint

Energy Risk VuePoint

Supporting the business processes for Suppliers, Third Party Intermediaries, Major Energy Users and Traders

The energy market is supported by a number of software solutions meeting specific business requirements. VuePoint saw an opportunity to innovate and improve the market by delivering a single data and application hub supporting the whole spectrum of our customers’ energy requirements including:

  • Monitoring of usage
  • Procurement
  • Validation of energy bills
  • Live market prices
  • Risk management
  • As well as a whole array of other crucial energy processes

The solution supports multiple commodities and can be integrated with your existing systems via API or implemented as a standalone solution. The resultant service is modular and delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service), which means you only pay for what you want when your business needs it. Energy Risk VuePoint is the only platform that fully supports the Future of Energy Management and Procurement.

Energy Risk VuePoint Features

Energy Procurement & Position Management

Position Assessment and Reporting – hold all your energy information in a single application coupled with timely market information, enabling you to make smarter energy decisions and present these more clearly.

Traded Position Management – capture and display your energy position regardless of commodity and complexity.

Prices and Financial Management – display live and end of day prices together with customer-specific assessments.

The solution supports multiple commodities.

Manage your budget, exposure and Mark to Market in one simple service…………and much more

Retail – Online Trading Portal

At last a purpose-built platform – enabling both you and your customers to operate a more streamlined business model and grow your businesses more efficiently.

Energy Suppliers – support the entire energy procurement needs of your retail business customers within a configurable cloud-based platform.

Clear competitive advantage over the current alternative; a telephone-based, manual service.

Systemise to de-risk your business by removing spreadsheets from critical processes.

Single service – bringing together the capabilities of a number of standalone applications, saving both on system and data integration costs.

Wholesale Trading

Manage multiple counterparties and multiple internal books and capture trades all within a single solution.

Supporting trading from intraday to the forward markets; half hourly to Seasons.

Shaped and bespoke trades can be entered.

REMIT and ECVN reporting supported via third parties.

Bill Validation and Management

Designed to support both the validation and management of energy bills.

Validating and managing the payment of invoices received via EDI, PDF or paper.

Flagging errors on supplier invoices within any user-configured parameters.

Drill down to see where the highlighted issues are and then either accept or dispute the bill so that action can be taken to recover overcharges as quickly as possible.

Electronic billing through EDI or XML.

Non-Commodity Costs calculated.

Automating mandraulic processes, allowing your people to focus their efforts where they add the most value.

Software as a Service

We deliver our services as SaaS because of the advantages it offers to you and your customers: Flexibility. Ease of access. The speed of service updates. The simplicity of support and administration, as well as a Reduced Total Cost of Ownership.