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SaaS solutions for the Energy Market

Energy Risk VuePoint

Supporting the business processes for Suppliers, Third Party Intermediaries, Major Energy Users and Traders

The energy market is supported by a number of software solutions meeting specific business requirements. VuePoint saw an opportunity to innovate and improve the market by delivering a single data and application hub supporting the whole spectrum of our customers’ energy requirements including:

  • Monitoring of usage
  • Procurement
  • Validation of energy bills
  • Live market prices
  • Risk management
  • As well as a whole array of other crucial energy processes

Market VuePoint®

The market-leading decision support service for the energy sector. Timely, accurate, clearly presented power and gas market data

The Market VuePoint service is the market leader in UK energy trading decision support, providing access to Elexon’s BMRA data since the New Electricity Trading Arrangements (NETA), now British Electricity Trading and Transmission Arrangements (BETTA), went live in March 2001. The service also includes: National Grid gas data, APX, N2EX, SO142, LEBA, I-SEM, European Power data and Weather data; real-time and historical.

Triad Modelling

Transparent, independent view of triad. Simple traffic lights warning as well as actual probabilities

The VuePoint Triad Modelling service allows consumers to make better-informed decisions regarding their load management choices in relation to their avoidance costs. VuePoint applies a transparent simulation approach presenting results both as simple traffic light and actual probabilities. This service provides an independent view of triad, offering a transparent rather than “black box” approach.

VuePoint launched its innovative Triad warning service on October 31st 2016 for the 2016-17 Triad season.