Energy Risk VuePoint

Energy Risk VuePoint (ERV)
Energy Trading / Procurent Risk Management System (ETRMS/EPRMS)

VuePoint's Energy Trading Risk Management (ETRM) service Energy Risk VuePoint (ERV) provides a robust and efficient single platform in which to optimise strategies and manage your energy risk. VuePoint has built on its years of experience in the complex energy markets to deliver an outstanding solution combining a high level of performance with an intuitive interface.

Our service is an entirely web-based application, leading to huge efficiency savings in terms of time and cost. Access can be set up on day one, with no costly and complex local installation required.

VuePoint has worked with some of the foremost risk experts in Europe to develop the product, which is aimed at institutions looking for real value from an ETRM system. View your energy exposure, manage your risk and optimise your positions using VuePoint ERV.

ERV delivers tailored capability to customers needs and enables seamless integration from supplier to TPI/Consultant to End User and provides the capability to enable all parties to see the same data, but also for each element to interact with the data where appropiate.

For Suppliers ERV is able to provide an all encompassing customer portal that will also support End User entering and submitting trades directly to their account managers for approval. These can be automated or submitted through an approvals process and passed to external systems for Straight Through Processing (STP).

Energy Risk VuePoint (ERV)
MEU / FM / Gov

6 Plans available
  • Features can include the following:
  • Multiple Concurrent Users
  • Position/Trade Management
  • Price Access and Analysis
  • Multiple Contracts/Baskets
  • Historic Price Data
  • Multiple Organisations

Energy Risk VuePoint (ERV)
Consultancies (TPI) / Suppliers

6 Plans available
  • Features can include the following:
  • Multiple Concurrent Users
  • Position/Trade Management
  • Price Access and Analysis
  • Up to 50 Contracts/Baskets
  • Historic Price Data
  • Multiple Organisations

Key Benefits:

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The right information at the right time

Major Energy Users & their Agents

ERV provides major energy users and their agents with:

  • Access to real time energy price data for UK Gas and Power markets.
  • Realtime auditing and position reporting.
  • The functionality to visualise and manage their risk and exposure.

ERV supports the transparent commercial relationship between energy supplier and end user through the timely presentation of clear market price information, enabling objective and auditable energy purchasing decisions. The solution is simple for customers to use and understand and is populated with real time data.


Energy Risk VuePoint provides access to Live or delayed Broker Prices as well as an option for End of Day (EoD) to enable you to choose your options to suit any budget. This allows you to:

  • Compare your current price, fix offers with Real Time, delayed or EoD Market prices to ensure you get the best price available.
  • See price trends and movements to understand your potential risk.
  • View historic prices with High Low Open and Close information.
  • Access forward price curves calculated live and at the EoD.
  • Compare your trading actions against the real time trading in the market.


Energy Risk VuePoint provides a dynamic risk management solution that enables you to:

  • Understand your positions, and be able to report the impact of possible trades.
  • Manage complex single and multisite portfolios with ease across gas and electricity for multiple MPANs / MPRNs.
  • Enter “what if” transactions to better understand your potential positions.
  • Track hedged/exposed volumes against live prices and daily forecast prices.
  • Position Management with Mark-to-Market on an individual or portfolio basis.

What is ERV?

Energy Usage

ERV can accept live or delayed usage data at either meter level or aggregated to site or contract

Forecast Energy Demand

ERV can accept forecast data at either meter level or aggregated to site or contract, and can automatically generate from metered Energy Usage

Traded Position Management

In ERV capturing and displaying your energy position is simple, easy and quick to do, regardless of commofity and complexity

Prices and Financial Management

ERV captures live and end of day prices and can accept customer specific assessments as well. Manage your budget, exposure and Mark to Market in one simple service

Position Assessment and Reporting

By having all your energy information in a single application coupled with timely market information, you are able to make smarter energy decisions and present these more clearly

Positioning ERV

*Based on assumed business requirements


  • Forecast, Tradable and Traded Positions
  • Multiple Contracts, Baskets and Sites
  • Live, End-of-day and Historic Prices
  • UK and European Markets
  • Energy and Commodity Markets
  • Personal Widget Manager
  • Downloadable PDF/Excel Reports


  • Manage your energy risk and exposure
  • Report position against the market
  • Real-time audit
  • Quick installation: Working within 24 hours
  • Available anywhere, on any device
  • Routine updates and releases
  • Schedule reports for delivery in advance

Why Use ERV?

  • Streamline and automate your energy management processes
  • Cut costs, reduce risk and realise higher productivity
  • Make faster and more informed decisions
  • Drive business growth and market share
  • Gain secure mobile access to real-time insights

Review of capability v cost

*Based on assumed competitor functionality

In a detailed assessment by market expert David Hirst of Ainsty Risk Consulting, conducted on behalf of VPSL as part of our pricing and positioning study, it was evaluated that ERV came out well ahead of the rest of the market due to our targeted capability and pricing structure.

David used the comprehensive Energy Trading and Risk Management platform provided by one of the largest providers of ETRM solutions as the benchmark for capability (so scored it 100%), despite the capability that they provided being much more than that required for the market segment we deliver to.

He then assessed the published capability and estimated costs of five other providers that more specifically target the UK Energy market. The results are shown in the chart.

NB: These are estimated based on publically available material and market knowledge and should only be used as an indicator and not relied on or quoted in any purchasing decisions.

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