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VuePoint Solutions is an award winning Software Development Company based in the heart of Hampshire that specialises in providing Generators, Suppliers, Energy Traders, Energy Buyers, Consultants and Major Energy Users with the software they need to gain access to accurate and up-to-date information for the power, gas, and other energy commodity markets.

We innovate whilst others stagnate.

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Our Products

Our leading products, Market VuePoint® (MV) and Energy Risk VuePoint (ERV), deliver real time and historical energy data to help organisations make informed decisions, enabling them to improve efficiency and stay ahead of the competition and on top of their risk, anywhere.

With unrivalled value for money and delivery times coupled with unmatched targeted capability, we believe our products are the best to be found.

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Why Choose Us?

Firstly, we believe we provide the best solution in the market place at the right price. We understand and care about the areas we deliver solutions in to, ensuring they match users’ needs.

Secondly, we are an approachable and highly skilled team of experts who are able to provide our customers with innovative products that are designed, built and supported to meet their needs.

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Live VuePoint News

SmartestEnergy to provide support for Major Energy consumers via the Energy Risk VuePoint service

London, 3rd October 2016 – SmartestEnergy has announced that it will provide support for their Major Energy consumers via VuePoint Solutions’ Energy Risk VuePoint service. The service, branded as SourcePosition, has been designed to support the energy procurement and risk management requirements of SmartestEnergy’s largest customers and their energy consultants.

Commenting on this announcement, Michelle Hearn Insight & Proposition Manager at SmartestEnergy said “By utilising Energy Risk VuePoint to deliver...

Energy UK selects Market VuePoint to improve understanding of the UK power & gas markets

London, 31 May 2016 – Energy UK, the trade association for the UK energy industry, has nominated Market VuePoint to provide the data that will improve the understanding of the UK power and gas markets and support the analysis for its members and wider stakeholders.

Commenting on its decision, Sam Hollister, Head of Economics and Strategy at Energy UK said “Getting accurate and real time data is vital to...

VuePoint Solutions acquires Energy Alert

Andover, United Kingdom – 6th May 2016 – VuePoint Solutions a leading energy specialist software and services provider announced today that it had acquired Energy Alert a provider of energy trading risk management (ETRM) services to major energy consumers.

Energy Alert provide a professional, cost effective and best practice energy purchasing and risk management solution for efficiently and effectively implementing flexible utility procurement strategies.

Mark Taylor, MD of VuePoint Solutions said “The VuePoint range of services are designed to...

VuePoint Solution’s Products Available in Thomson Reuters Eikon

Andover, United Kingdom – from 31st January 2016 – VuePoint Solutions has announced the availability of both its market leading UK Energy balancing and trading decision support service, Market VuePoint, and Energy Risk VuePoint, its flexible and scalable energy procurement risk management service, in Thomson Reuters Eikon.

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Bringing clarity and insight to complex environments.

Innovative, Market Leading Energy Tools
Enabling you to improve efficiency and stay ahead of the competition.

Market VuePoint®

MV Decision Support Suite provides the user with essential market data within a single tool. The core product provides facilities for storage, real-time analysis and monitoring of UK power and gas market data using the BMRS High Grade Link and live data capturing software to fetch other Energy Market data. Our software has been developed to deliver an integrated system that allows the user to view information through standard screens and reports and provides them with the capability to customise these views. It features a set of displays and rules giving a complete view of the real-time operation of the UK Power and Gas markets.

MV provides access to data from Elexon (BMRA and SO142), National Grid Gas, APX, N2EX, LEBA, Spectron, ICE, Weather providers and many more all in one portal.

With complex historical analysis, precalculation rules and bespoke forecasting methodologies, MV delivers awareness that is not available anywhere else and you can access it from any device, anywhere. Can you afford to rely on the publicly available information provided by BM Reports or do you want to get ahead of the market?

Our SaaS solution provides unmatchable capability and return on investment. One company estimated that using our service would save them £2m a year or more than 10 times their annual licence fees. Another company showed the internal cost of just their infrastructure costs would be 8 to 10 times our service costs before considering any development costs or other third party costs which, using conservative estimation would take it to 15 times our fees.

Energy Risk VuePoint

VuePoint's Energy Trading Risk Management (ETRM) solution, Energy Risk VuePoint (ERV) provides a robust and efficient single platform in which to optimise strategies and manage your energy risk.

VuePoint has built on its years of experience in the complex energy markets to deliver an outstanding solution combining a high level of performance with an intuitive interface. Our service is an entirely web-based application, leading to huge efficiency savings in terms of time and cost whilst derisking your business with fully backed up solutions, located on geograpically separated sites and supported by dedicated UK based support staff.

ERV comes in a number of packages with each package specifically tailored to the needs of the customer. It handles multiple commodites including Power, Gas, Oils and Coal, with more being added as required, and multiple markets. Not only are we offering a capability rich service, but also one that is priced right for the market, to make it affordable by those that really need it.

In a market wide assessment by market expert David Hirst of Ainsty Risk Consulting, as part of a customers’ procurement process prior to purchasing, ERV came out well ahead of the rest of the market due to our targeted capability and pricing structure.